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Last day of classes November 30, 2004

Posted by eric22222 in General.
Today I slept until noon, but it was okay. I only had one class today: Architecture 121 – Drawing and Perception. I started my day by working on the last ten of the fifty sketches that were due at 5:30. I had finished all my other major drawings, which is more than I can say for Zac, who was about twenty sketches short and still had a drawing of the Gay Street Bridge to finish. At 3:30, 121 started. We had a long lecture on architects and sketches and then, two hours later, we turned in our drawings. Zac and I went to Morrill for dinner. After some chatting, he called up David to get a game of Risk going tonight at the CSC. At 9:00 tonight I’ll be conquering Europe and sweeping through Australia. Woohoo. So anyway, after dinner, Zac went to do some philosophy extra credit (Zac being productive?!), and I went to the computer lab to work on this website. I’ve made significant progress. Now I’ll just put some finishing touches on and publish it. Hoorah.


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