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Blogging the night away December 2, 2004

Posted by eric22222 in General.
Decmeber 02, 2004 (technically): Blogging the night away
I’m tired. I want to sleep. “Why aren’t I sleeping?” I ask myself. “Because the CSC has gone into a fit of blogging and I musn’t be left out.” I could have been dreaming something right now. Something that wouldn’t have made any sense, but I wouldn’t have cared. Because I would be sleeping. I have added the “friends” page, and while looking at people’s blogs, I came across Justin’s link to some riddle website. “Hey, a link labeled ‘riddles.’ I think I’ll check it out.” Why. Why did I spend so long there. I don’t know. And I don’t know why AnC is still in the computer lab here. I thought I’d be here waaaay longer. Oh well. Sleep. Wanting… Sleep… I’m up! I’m awake! Need… Sleeeeeep…. I’m going to sleep now. It’s 2:30 in the morning. Not the best time to write. I’ll look back on this and wonder what I was thinking. But I’ll know. I’ll know. I was/ am thinking: “I wonder how bass wood tastes. I was around it all day this semester, making my little house model. It smells good. But how does it taste? I may never know…” Sleep. Sleep shmeep. I don’t need no sleep. Heh. Shmeep. ZZzzzzzz…..


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