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One down… December 3, 2004

Posted by eric22222 in General.
The Architecture 101 final is out of the way! Of course, it was open-book and very easy… but now all I need to worry about is my architecture 401 final. The one that isn’t open-book and has no similarities with easy tests. And since there are only three grades in the class, I need a pretty good grade. Like, a “B.” Well, after taking my final (and not doing too bad), I now have only a few hours until I leave for Georgia. I’ll be down there all weekend and won’t get to go to the Christmas party tonight. But on the other hand, I do get to go to the SEC championship and watch Auburn kill us. Oh well. I guess I’ll see ya’ll Monday. Good luck on finals.


1. Chris - October 9, 2005

Why must you be so optimist about the SEC championship? Have fun there while the rest of us are taking of chairs from the stadium.

2. Zach - October 9, 2005

Well it is okay. I don’t think it deserves all the hype you gave it though. I personally wouldn’t even give it a pizza trophy. I mean no theme music, no meaningless friend pics, no homestarrunner links, no random hey steves, and most of all your background is so formal I feel like I am buying a computer online. Other than that you keep up with it still and that is pretty praiseworthy. Know that people may read your bloggs often, however, most of the times do not post. You won’t get messages very often, unless, say you were a girl that was really hot, which you are not. Your Bro, Zach

3. Eric - October 9, 2005

Ok, Zac. You want friends pics? You got it. You want HSR links? You got it. You want Random “hey steves?” I’ll look into it. You wanna buy a computer online? http://www.dell.com
By the way, I hope you like the picture of you that I used…

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