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A series of unfortunate events December 5, 2004

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Okay, To put it to you simply, the weekend was bad. Let’s start at the beginning:

Subpoena!!! ‘d: It was a dark and stormy night. I was taking my sister to the basketball game against the other high school just west of Gallatin. She was going to cheerlead at the GHS vs. SCHS basketball game. As we came over one hill, I noticed some brakeghts ahead. A slowed down, assuming they were turning into a driveway or road. But then I realized, “Oh no. The car is stopped in the middle of the road. I should stop my car as to avoid killing anyone.” The car coming at me fast (or vice-versa), I slammed on my brakes. My sister and I skidded for what seemed like hours until we rear-ended the car. We were OK physically. But I spent the next ten minutes trying to wake-up. Didn’t work. Eventually the police showed up and we got everything cleared up. My mom showed up, and an ambulance showed up for whoever was driving that car. My mom said, “great. She’s gonna try to get as much money as she can off of this,” (FORESHADOWING). Over a year later, I was at college, about to go to the SEC championship. I called my mom one more time before we went out of state to avoid roaming charges. She informs me that her, my dad, and myself were being sued by the woman who was driving (I can’t really assume she’s a woman. I was never even told why she was parked in the road). So that’s part one. I’m not gonna bother with a subheading for the rest: the VCR on our bus didn’t work, we lost the championship, and I got stuck on an elevator for twenty minutes with 14 other band members and a pilot.


1. Ancharlene - October 9, 2005

Eric, I can not believe that you put my picture on your website!!! Nevertheless, I am truly honored, especially since you gave me two paragraphs!!! 🙂 Why didn’t I get a paragraph about class rank though? Honestly, I can’t really remember where I was . . . it seems so long ago, but hey, it’s only fair.
Just kidding. The paragraph and the sentence about me is more than enough. I love the upgrade to the website that the pictures have created. Especially Zach’s Electric Death Fairy one. See you around, Dobbs!!!
F.Y.I., Dobbs . . . Jason does have a blog. Go to thefacebook.com and look up his profile. You can find the address there
Uh, Eric, . . . Did you know that Charles’ head is blocking almost his entire paragraph about him?
I am so sorry that you were subpoenaed. So, does that mean that you all are getting sued? That’s horrible!!! It’ll all work out okay. I’ll be praying for you.

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