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Winding down the semester December 6, 2004

Posted by eric22222 in General.
Well, pretty good day. Got up, ate breakfast, wasted time on computer, ate lunch, went to CSC, studied, ate dinner, went to CSC, studied, and went to the computer lab. Along the way, I managed to beat David, Zac, and Chris in ping pong. I’m now ahead of Zac by 10 points.
But not all is well. We had a meeting for the band about the bowl trip. Turns out I’ll be gone for about a week starting the 27th. 😦
But not all is bad. I made some study tests on Excel to see how well I was doing on studying. On the first one, I got almost all the buildings, half the dates, and half the locations. I’m now up to all the buildings, all the locations, and almost all the dates. Things are definately looking up.
But not all is well. My grade in that class depends on two grades I have yet to receive (out of the total three in the class). Because of a low midterm grade, my hopes of passing the class turn out like this:
If term grade=A, necessary final exam=C
If term grade=B, necessary final exam=B
If term grade=C, necessary final exam=A
I’m hoping for the best.


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