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A quick update December 8, 2004

Posted by eric22222 in General.
It’s all over. The exam I’ve been dreading for weeks has been taken. I can finally go back home.
I didn’t post yesterday because of a certain test I was dreading. So I studied at the CSC and helped with Nicoll’s scrapbook. Since she’s leaving next year, everyone wrote a note to her, and all of them are going into the scrapbook. It got pretty crazy in there, trying to keep her from knowing what was going on (it was a suprise). AnC got into a tickle fight with her at one point. She took cover under the ping pong table, armed with a pool cue.
Well, the 401 test was actually, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, easy. I looked at the test, and I knew the answers. It was crazy. So I wrote them in and left. That was it. So I headed back to my room to pack everything up. I hiked to my car and took it to the Art & Architecture building. I got to the top floor to take all my supplies and work home. But my drawing folder wasn’t there. All my freehand drawings are missing. Even the Gay Street Bridge drawing. I then poured my room contents into my car. After that, it was off to the CSC for Nicoll’s party.
And now, I have nothing left but to load my drawing board and leave. So, see ya’ll in a month. Until then, tune in next time for another exciting installment of Eric’s Blog!!!!


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