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New classes January 12, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.
The semester seems managable. My 402 prof (probably the same as my 401 prof) didn’t show up for class, so my first class was 172, studio. I already have a group presentation (although I’ll be in D.C. on the due date), but it doesn’t seem too tough. After a quick lunch at the CSC, I took my new bike up the hill for my physics class. So far, I’m 100% sure I won’t be learning anything new in this class. A few hours later, I went back up the hill for a psychology class in the exact same room. Now I need to purchase a $75 (used) textbook for the class. It won’t be nearly as expensive as last year. So far, all I need is two books, and I should probably replenish my architecture supplies (lead, paper, new sketchbook). I won’t make the mistake I did last year and go for the cheaper stuff. Now I understand what I need. Things are looking good for this year. Except my psychology class doesn’t get out until 6:35 on Wednesday, meaning 10 minutes to ride my bike across campus, eat dinner, and get to the CSC church van. It just makes you realize how much easier it would be to have the power of flight.


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