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Back from D.C. January 21, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.
For those of you that don’t know, I spent the past four days in Washington with the band to march in the inaugural parade. It was an eventful trip, so I’m gonna have to skip some details.
We left Tuesday and stopped in Virginia for lunch. We made it to our hotel later that night. It was very cold. The next day, we were free until the reception for Sen. Bill Frist. I didn’t meet him, but the band was in a picture with him, so I’m somewhere in a newspaper. Before that, we went to Arlington, and then we were able to visit the Simthsonian. I mainly hung out at the Air and Space museum. I was going to go up in the Washington Monument, but I guess they’ve closed it since 9/11. Then, on Thursday, we had a big day of security. Metal detectors, bus searches, and the like, but we did get a government-funded sandwhich with a government-funded granola bar. So eventually, we made it to the “warming tent” where we waited for at least an hour. We got “stragler cards” in case we got seperated. Eventually, we were outside the tent. We waited for another hour. It was very cold. Finally, we were on the road. After about one more hour, we started marching. There were a few brief moments of warmth when we passes steam vents. After one turn, there was a bright light. I could hear everyone saying “straighten up; we’re on TV, now,” (good thing I did; my mom says I got a close-up). This is where everyone was a little uneasy. Maybe it was the fact that we were marching by the President (he gave us a thumbs up) or maybe it was the little red laser dots on our foreheads (jk), but it was definately nerve-racking. We finished the parade, and now we’re back in K-town. Ok, I won’t make you read anymore. C-ya.


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