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DodgePong, poker, and homework January 23, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

The past few days have been pretty interesting, so I’ll bring you up to date.
First of all, the CSC Health Challenge was issued a couple weeks ago. I don’t need to lose weight, but I could do with getting in shape. It’s unofficial, but my partner is Chris. I think we have the perfect workout plan, too. We call it DodgePong. Basically, it’s dodgeball, but with a ping pong ball. If you touch it with anything other than your paddle (and this is a new rule), you have to do some sort of exercise, the amount depending on the other player’s ping pong skills. I think it’s a pretty good way to excercise without letting myself know that I’m exercising.
Secondly, I played poker with “the guys” last night. We went to Jason’s/Jesse’s apartment and ordered pizza. I won an early hand, but was the third to go out (or fourth; I don’t remember). We all chipped in five dollars for pizza, and the winner gets the leftovers. It was pretty fun, but not that fun. I guess I’m not a poker kinda guy. I’m more of a video gaming, trumpet playing, ping pong winning kinda guy. Thirdly, since I was in D.C. last week, I have four days of work to make up. Not lookin’ forward to it. Nope. Well, I guess that’ll do it for now. Later.



1. Zach - October 9, 2005

Did I catch a Strong Bad reference at the end there with the extra nope? “Nope, I certainly don’t put on a speedo and take swimming lessons, nope, definately not a speedo”

2. AnCharlene - October 9, 2005

Eric, you are most defintitely a badminton, trumpet playing, ping-pong, video game playing kind of guy!
But that’s okay, because I still love you anyway! And we won at pool!!! And you taught me how to play songs!!! Woooo-hoooooo!!!!

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