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Time for homework January 26, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.
*gasp* *gasp*
On Tuesday, I went to 122, my freehand architecture course. I hadn’t been for a week, so I had some work to make up. My TA (teacher’s assistant), who happens to be Polish (with a long “o” sound), came around and said in some kind of European accent, which I would not have identified as Polish had I not known, “Ah, you are just getting started now.” “Yeah, I was in Washington last week.” “Well, you already know that this is due Thursday, don’t you?” “…Don’t I get extra time? …Yes, I was here when it was assigned…”
This project has us take a 4″ by 4″ fragment of a picture, and create a 23″ by 29″ drawing. So, at this point, I had less than two days to finish an assignment that everyone else had about two weeks plus TA criticism and suggestions. I also had that 172 work to do. I set up camp at the CSC with all the essential items: ruler (even though it’s supposed to be freehand), pencils (7 different kinds), drafting brush (for graphite; NOT HAIR [AnC]), and my ArtGum Eraser (NOT SILLY PUTTY [Chris]). I worked for hours, and twice I declined an offer to play video games! I was ready to work ’til 11 that night (since the CSC actually closes nowadays) and as much as I could today.
HOWEVER… In this advanced state of productivity, I refused to be distracted, even by CHECKING MY E-MAIL. I checked a few hours back. There I found a message – – – Eric: You have a one week extension on Assignment #1. Please turn the completed work in to Kate by the beginning of class on Thursday, Feb. 4th. – – – C. A. Debelius


1. Ancharlene - October 9, 2005

Yay!!! Eric got an extension on his project!!! Now he can help AnCharlene compose music!!! Right, Eric?!?

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