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Self reflection February 6, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.
Well, there’s a few minutes until the SuperBowl Party, so I decided to add an entry. The last few days have been beautiful. And I don’t use that word often. You can check. But really, every day that I go down to the A&A building, I go down the Pedestrian Mall and turn at the theatre. It’s really easy to see the sky there. I’ve been through that area in sunny days, rainy days, cloudy days, and moonlit nights. It’s really a sight to see. When I stop an appreciate those things, it calms me down and reminds me how all this homework won’t last too much longer.
I guess my weblog has really been more of a “this is how my day went” kinda deal. I read all the other blogs, and they’re deep and debate-sparking. I guess I don’t dwell too much on the most important things going on in my life. My spiritual life is always untold, with the exception of the Thursday night guy’s meeting. Even then, I don’t have any serious struggles to talk about. Maybe I don’t know enough to realize the struggles I may be having. I think in James, the Bible is said to be like a mirror, one that can let you see how your spirit looks. Maybe I’m not into Scripture enough. Now that my makeup work is done, I have my free time back. I don’t see what harm some extra studying could do.
Well, I gotta go. Party coming up. See ya’ll there.


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