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172 and VBS February 9, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.
I haven’t been updating for a while, but with good reason. My 172 project is keeping me on my toes. Every class, Ambroziak makes me change my design, which means I have to build another cardboard model every other day. In addition, me and two other people have to make a site model of the entry to the A&A building. I may have already told you this. I’m not sure. Anyway, I have a test in 402 Friday. If you remeber, 401 was the class I was scared of failing last semester. I’m gonna study at the CSC tonight (and by study, I mean play ping pong and drink cherry coke) and work on my site model jobs at tomorrow. I took a managerial approach to the site. I told my group what to do. Allison took cutting out odd contour lines and the building, Paul has even contours, and I had cutting the base, gluing the contours, and strategic planning (and by strategic planning, I mean telling them what their jobs were).
I’m really hoping to go home this weekend. I need to get fitted for my VBS costume. Ms. Linda writes some great skits. This year’s is 45 minutes long. I’m not sure who I am, yet; she usually casts me as not one, but as many characters as she can. Last year I was Lazarus, the healed lame man (the one that was lowered through the ceiling (I had this dialogue with the Apostle Andrew (played by a guy named Andrew) where I’d be like “now I can walk [walked around], jump [hopped around], dance [performed jig]…), and Lazarus (recently resurrected). I’ve also been Eli (father of Hopni and Phineas), a soldier, and disciple 2. She does so well. I mean, people were crying when Mary and Martha hugged me after I was raised from the dead (Martha: “Lazarus, you must be hungry!”). Man, I can’t wait to see what she has planned this year. Okay, maybe that’s enough for today. Later.


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