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Pudding pops February 10, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in Dreams, General.

Okay, before I forget it, I have to tell you this dream I had last night:

I was going to the moon. Not sure why, but I was gonna take a quick trip up there. I had gone once before, back when I was in elementary school, but it’s changed alot since then. I was seeing if my friends from home could go, but you had to know how to fix a bike, and one of my friends didn’t. So we were tutoring him while putting up fliers in a forest, when some guy backed into someone else’s car. It left a huge scrape. Eventually, me and about 9 other random people were off to the moon. Along the way, we had to fix the ship by turning some things, alot like a Rubik’s cube, but with just a line of 5 blocks. And instead of colors, they had pictures of rabbits on them. We made it to the moon (total travel time: 3 hours) and landed in a big sci-fi bubble. It was pretty boring, and I realized that I forgot my camera. All I brought was my CD player, but I lent my headphones to AnC, so I couldn’t use it on the way. Well, after walking around for a while (regular gravity), we left the bubble, and realized the bubble we were in was inside another huge bubble. This one had grass, trees, a few buildings, and a disposable camera drop off area. And the air was somewhat thin. I thought about getting a camera (last time, I only took about seven pictures, and it was all craters and rock), but they were too expensive. So, we left before 6 and decided we’d come back tomorrow.

Um… yeah.



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