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Once upon a time… February 11, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.
Deep within the darkest, lowest corridors of the Architecture building, Professor Ambroziak was concocting a devious plan. “What?! Eric plans on going home this weekend?! Well, I’ll fix that.” And in one fell swoop, she unleashed an assignment of epic proportions: eight trace drawings! “What? No! This can’t be!” thought Eric. “I must do something!” Eric then made a bold decision. He would take his parallel bar home with him and draw everything Saturday! His plan was quickly put into action. His things were ready to be loaded into his car from the Architecture building to the loading dock. “Curses! I didn’t think he’d attempt that,” she thought. “But I still have a few tricks up my sleve…” Ambroziak summoned a wave of cars to block the loading zone, with no intention of moving within the customary thirty minutes! “No! How could she?! This will take some cunning and daring…” And with that, Eric parked at N-1, over by Hess! Calling upon strength unrivaled, Eric carried the forty-five pound board over land and sea, across desert and valley, through forest and swamp, across grass and pavement and eventually arrived at his goal. “Nooo!!! He has succeeded! How could it be?!” With that, Ambroziak was defeated, and peace returned to the Architecture students. Their models were no longer “just below par,” and the could happily get more than three hours of sleep last night and then not have a 402 exam this morning on material they had no time to study. And they lived happily ever after.
The end.


1. Zach - October 9, 2005

Once upon a time…tears for the beautiful epic…

2. AnCharlene - October 9, 2005

Hey, Eric!!! Glad you got to go back home to good old G-Town. I’m uberly-jealous!!! I don’t get to go home until the end of the semester. Anywho. . .What happened to the mailbag???

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