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Weekend away February 14, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.
Last night I had to stay up till one to finish toady’s work. I put it off because I went home this weekend. It was okay, I guess. It seems that whenever I’m home, one family member is in a huge argument with another. I guess it’s always going on, but I feel like I’m a causal agent, since I don’t know about it till I’m there. My sister was going to a dance, and before my mom went to take her, she asked for $12 for admission. My mom yelled at her for not telling her earlier, and kept yelling for a while, and a while longer, and kept going… you get the idea. My preacher always said that what kids hate most is inconsistency in parents’ rules. Whenever I’m trying to get a point across to my sister, my mom will say “drop it!” to get us to quit arguing. I always perceived this as “more arguing will not get your point across.” However, this doesn’t apply to her. I don’t see how she managed to get at least fifteen minutes out of “What were you planning on doing?!” and “You need to let me know these things!” Also, my dad’s still drinking. He’s tried to quit alot, but nothing seems to be working. I’ve prayed for him, but I guess it just isn’t part of God’s plan. On a brighter note, VBS this year will be a combination of our last two plays: Miracles of Jesus, and the Life of John the Babtist. I get to be Zecherius, Herod, and something else that I forgot. I can’t wait for Thursday: I’ll be turning in my 172 project, which means a huge hurdle overcome.
Well, that’s enough for today. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.


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