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“Crazyhandsdobbs” February 21, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.
I’ve gotten back on AIM. The last time I used it was four years ago for some online fad. I think it was virtual pets. Anyway, I’ve cast aside my old “trumpetsection2001” name, and taken on the label “crazyhandsdobbs.” This name was apparently given to me by Chris because of my inability to respect the fouling rules of basketball. So, now I have a whole bunch of screennames ranging from the class of 04 to my new Knoxville pals. I recently got my sister’s name, and she would like it to be known that there are sixteen days until her sixteenth birthday. I’m a little worried about her driving, but I’m at a safe distance (jk, Ashley).
I just got a new assignment for 172. I have to diagram a building that Italian renaissance architect Andrea Palladio built. Unfortunately, half the books in the library on him are in Italian. So until I find a stray Italian translater to help me out, this’ll be pretty tough.


1. AnCharlene - October 9, 2005

Eric there is no need to be afraid for your life yet. I waited too long to get my permit so i wont be driving until july. hopefully, ill get some practice by then.

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