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Workouts aren’t workin’ out February 22, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.
Anyone else a little freaked out by Justin’s latest entry? Man, that’s creepy.
So I went to the museum today. I was trying to find the McClung Auditorium, and just assumed it would be in the McClung Museum. So I wandered about, learning for about twenty minutes until I decided the lecture wan’t there (it wasn’t required, so I’m okay). I got the time to go thanks to my 122 class being canceled. Can’t have class on such a nice day! It would’ve been nicer had my arms not been soar. My Health Challenge Partner is Chris. He decided we’d workout every day this week. I’m really not good at the whole “lifting” thingy. Arms are not my strong muscles. I don’t think I even have strong muscles. I remember back in my sophomore health class, we were supposed to be able to bench press half our body weight. The bar weighed more than half my body weight. But nowadays, I can so bench press that bar. Plus 2.5 pounds on each side. Maybe I’ll get the 5 pound next time. Maybe. To balance out the whole tired thing, we’re going to be “working on legs” tonight. By that, I mean we’re going to go to the CSC and play Dance Dance Revolution. I guess that’s better. At least it’s disguised as a video game.


1. Jon - October 9, 2005

Mclung auditorium is in
mcClung museum…it is in the basement.

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