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Never a dull drawing February 28, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

February 28, 2005: Oh, wait. I don’t have to do that anymore
I’ve got alot of work to do between now and Wednesday. Excuse my ranting, but alot of people don’t understand the difficulties of making a drawing in ink. When people think of ink, they generally imagine a ball-point pen jotting down some notes. They don’t realize the pain-staking process of opening a pen, carefully filling it with ink, and not letting any ink squirt out when closing it. And then there’s the actual drawing: avoiding ink bleeding, planning out which line to draw next as to avoid crossing a not-yet-dry line, and the erasing of mistakes. Yes, ink can be erased, but you just can’t let the eraser touch anything but the mistake.
I still haven’t gotten the mustard seed group book. I use google local to search for book stores. The stores it finds either: (1) lack a website, (2) won’t let you search for books they carry on their website (3) DON’T EXIST. If anyone knows for sure of a book store that has it, let me know. And hurry: Mustard Seed Group’s in an hour.



1. Tammy - March 1, 2005

Take it easy Dobbs. Life is not just about ink ya know. I’m just playing. I see you are busy so I’ll be brief. (I before the e right?)Thanks for all your encouragement on my blog. You’re a great friend.

2. Justin - March 2, 2005

I hear there is a Waldenbooks that carries it.

Hehe, if you take a look at the address it says E Town Mall, which is definitely not located there.

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