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Of mice and pinball March 4, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

I found that my alarm was set to “CD” instead of “buzzer.” Unfortunately I found out after sleeping through most of my 8AM class… I decided I’d skip the rest of class to eat breakfast since I had an exam this afternoon right after my other class. I don’t feel to bad about it. All I do is use all my strength to stay awake.
I keep getting e-mails about tonight’s devo. Not sure what to expect, but it sounds like it’s gonna be cool. I guess I’ll drop by later to beat my pinball score. I got the rank of lieutenant and knocked Zach completely off the scoreboard.
On Sunday, any of you in the college classroom for Bible study may recall a scurry noise coming from the tiling above. We all assumed it was the patter of mouse feet and went on with our lives. During services, I noticed that I had left my Bible downstairs. I headed back down to the classroom to retrieve it. When I walked in, I was greeted by a bird flying around the room and bumping into windows. I also noticed that my Bible wasn’t in there. This begs the question: are the two events related? Did the bird eat my Bible? Or did it merely borrow the Bible to study it? I guess I won’t get the chance to ask him since Justin managed to open the window, allowing the bird to escape after smashing into one last window.



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