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Never eat three dinners March 5, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Last night was interesting to say the least. Though most of you were there, there was one surprise you may not have known about, so I’m telling the story anyway:
We were all getting e-mails on how there was going to be a big surprise for the devo. We all get there wondering what the surprise would be. We headed upstairs and started the devo. We sang some songs, broke some couches, you know. Usual devo stuff. That’s when we were ambushed and blindfolded. We were stuffed in a van and hauled off to parts unknown. We sang some more songs along the way while we were being kidnapped. We finally arrived at parts unknown. We walked up some stairs (blindfolded, of course) and walked inside something that smelled like a house. It turns out we were having the devo over there, followed by a party-type thing. We got back into the van and headed back to the CSC. Afterwards, some of us went to Chili’s for more dinner. Now, at this point, I had eaten twice already. I got a third helping there and was surprised again. What happened was, well, let me just show you:
*ripple flashback effect with white puffy cloud border*
Eric: That was some surprise Jason. Of course you know you have to top it next week…
Jason: Well, how’s this for a surprise. How ’bout next week you do the devo?
Okay. So there you go. Guess I’m leading next week’s devo.
That night, my roommate was watching some off-road video in our room, but some how I managed to get to sleep. That is, however, until I woke up at 3AM with the stomach ache to end all stomach aches. I’ll spare you the details.



1. Tammy - March 5, 2005

I know what you mean man. Yesterday was the birthday of a friend of mine and I got him a cake. He works with me so we all shared the cake. Then I ate dinner at work. Then his mom ordered some pizza from papa johns *I love papa johns!!!!!!* Then someone went to sonic for our supervisor and got me some cheese sticks. I could not eat anything else. I didn’t however have a stomach ache. I think I am just special that way.
Love ya much eric!

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