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Oh, I still need a devo… March 6, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

I’ve still got lots to do for the devo on Friday, but I’m pretty sure it should turn out pretty good. If all else fails, I can put it off until an hour before I’m supposed to give it, like some people I know… I’m working on incorporating the basics of a good devo:
(1) good central theme/point
(2) backed up with scripture
(3) physical activity (not hokey-pokey)
(4) personal accounts
Following these guidlines, I should have a devo worth giving. Wish me luck!



1. The Beautiful Cocoa Goddess - March 6, 2005

Well, good luck, Eric!!!

2. Tammy - March 6, 2005

Oh you don’t need luck honey, just keep your eyes on God. He’ll always give ya what you need right when you need it. Just keep watching God.

3. Wheezy - March 7, 2005

If all else fails…bring chocolate…its biblical, I promise

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