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Breaking a record, maybe. March 8, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

I got alot done on my projects today. I think I should be able to get everything done.
I guess I got drafted into a road trip. Today during my Tuesday/Thursday lunch at Smokey’s, Jason was talking about the longest CSC weekend road trip being to Mount Rushmore. Now, Zach, Jason, and me are apparently in charge of breaking the afore mentioned record. We have to go to the farthest place of interest we can, take a picture, and drive back. Sounds like a waste of a weekend to me, but over the year, many things that have seemed boring have turned out to be pretty cool. I’m sure it would be a great chance to… um… practice… sitting. And looking at stuff out of a window. The thing Jason and Zach didn’t get was that I get fidgity in a car after an hour. I can’t read in a car without getting a headache, so I’ll need plenty of video games to keep me focused. Every time I think about the trip, I keep thinking Survivor. Like,

HOUR 12: After being trapped in a car for this long, they’ve began searching for food.
Scene: A deserted desert road in the middle of no where. Late afternoon, early evening.

Zach: Here comes an exit… they’ve got McDonald’s.
Jason: Haven’t you ever seen Supersize ME? We’re not eating McDonald’s.
Eric: That’s all we’ve seen. There’s nothing else to eat in Oklahoma.
Jason: We’re only in the panhandel. There’s plenty of Oklahoma left.
Eric begins humming Oklahoma.

Zach: Here’s another. This one has two McDonald’s. Couldn’t you just get a salad without dressing?
Eric: I wouldn’t trust the lettuce, myself.
Jason: Yeah, and besides, that exit doesn’t even have gas.
Zach: Oh, yeah. We should stop soon.

Eric: Exit ahead. Gas stations and a McDonald’s. Let’s just get some food from the gas station.
Jason: Sounds good.
Zach: Well, its still a good five miles to the exit.
Car: putter… putter…
Jason: That doesn’t sound good…
The car slows down. Zach coasts the team to the side of the road.
Wolf: Awoooooooooooo…



1. Tammy - March 8, 2005

Hey, you really thought this out didn’t you man? I would like to know more about that episode by the by. Mcdonalds isn’t all that bad a place if you look at it upsidedown. πŸ™‚

2. ~Kat - March 9, 2005

You don’t know me and viceversa, but this post was pretty funny. I found you by scrolling through people who share my music taste πŸ™‚

Hope it’s okay to just stop in from time to time.

3. Eric - March 9, 2005

Fine by me. Nice to meet you, by the way.

4. Eric - March 9, 2005

Hmmm… I just realized the panhandel comes after the rest of Oklahoma. Oops.

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