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Eric’s Wednesday March 10, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Lots of ink left to lay down, but I’ll go for the sleep now and stay up all night tomorrow. I have one assignment due at 3:30 tomorrow and another the next morning. I haven’t even started the latter. Oh, well. I’ll get through it. I always have.
Today, my bike lock key bent inside my bike lock. The key bent. I was turning it and it bent. I think every bike-related thing I touch justs breaks. I still need to get my brakes fixed, though my shoes are working just fine.
So I’m really excited about this devo. I’ve been working on it, typing out an outline, divided it into three points; I even thought up a good activity to beef up my weaker point. It’ll be the first devo-thing I’ve done in Knoxville. I would’ve expected the first thing to be song leading, but I’ve never been a good devo-song leader. I’m used to pitchpipes and six-eight time. Though I am getting more comfortable with it all, even the clapping. It doesn’t bother me so much now. It’s just different is all. I studied on it a bit. The only thing I could think of that would oppose it was 1 Corinthian 8:13, though it’s a stretch.
As so not to end on a rather controversial topic, today’s my sister’s birthday. Ashley’s sixteen now. They had a cake for her in our old fellowship hall after Church. She was surprised. It’s always kind of weird: whatever day of the week my sister’s birthday falls on, mine will be the same. Just thought you should know.



1. Justin - March 10, 2005

Controversial topic? 🙂

Yeah, its just a bit of a stretch… Its hard to see clapping as something that will cause someone to fall into sin.

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