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Conforming March 11, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

To follow suit with everyone else who’s making these lists, I too am making a list.

  1. My middle name is Tyler.
  2. I can’t whistle.
  3. I have one younger sister, Ashley.
  4. I could fill up on rolls if given the opportunity.
  5. I think music was one of God’s best ideas.
  6. I’m good at climbing trees.
  7. I was born in Nashville.
  8. I’ve lived in Gallatin since before I can remember.
  9. I think Homestar Runner cartoons are the funniest things on the internet.
  10. I can’t read in a car, even if it isn’t moving.
  11. Other countries I’ve been to: Germany, Austria, and the Caribbean
  12. I like landscapes: plains, mountains, icebergs, forests, islands, cliffs, etc.
  13. I just found three rubber bands on the floor.
  14. I think badminton is the best sport ever.
  15. My favorite kind of pie is fudge.
  16. I never can decide on a favorite food.
  17. I perform sock-puppet shows at Church camp.
  18. One time, when I was camping, the tent I was sleeping in caught on fire.
  19. I have a lot of nicknames: Crazyhands, Thunderclaw, Electrodobbs, Torpedo Dobbs, Evil E, Dobbies, etc.
  20. I think squirrels are cool.
  21. I think it’d be awesome to have a slip-n-slide down the pedestrian mall.
  22. I was in high school marching band for five years.
  23. I started kindergarten at age four.
  24. If I had a nickel for every time some one asked me if I skipped a grade, I’d buy all the architectural supplies that I was supposed to buy at the beginning of the year.
  25. I hate playing volleyball.
  26. I had to take an IQ test in 2nd grade on the day my class was watching Aladdin 2: Return of Jafar. I missed the ending.
  27. When I was 6, I wanted to be a doctor.
  28. I have no idea how I winded up in architecture. I guess it was legos.
  29. I heard a song in the UC yesterday and couldn’t figure out what it was. I just remembered it was Duke Ellington’s Don’t Get around much Anymore.
  30. My lucky numbers are 4 and 22.
  31. I got a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas when I was like 5.
  32. In third grade, I thought cursive was the stupidest thing ever.
  33. I had trouble with multiplication in fifth grade.
  34. Senior year, I received an award for being the best mathematician in my graduating class.
  35. My first “B” was in fourth grade. My first “C” was sixth grade. My first “D” was ninth grade. No “F” yet.
  36. I don’t like trying on new clothes. At all.
  37. My favorite colors are green and blue. It alternates.
  38. I love snow. It rarely sticks in Gallatin.
  39. I would be a much more shy person if it hadn’t been for the first devos I went to.
  40. I can tolerate, but don’t like, baked potatoes.
  41. I’ve never had a girlfriend.
  42. I think the CSC is the best place on campus for hanging out and doing nothing.
  43. I got third place in a 4-H speech contest in sixth grade.
  44. My dad’s a great cook and pianist.
  45. When I was little, I sat on our front porch and counted for two hours waiting for my Granny to come over (she lived two hours away).
  46. I was babtized on June 17, 2001.
  47. When disking (almost like sledding) one day, I got my tooth chipped because we had to frisbee the disks up the hill (it was really steep).
  48. I had braces for at least three years.
  49. In elementary, middle, and high school, I ate the cafeteria food maybe 10 times.
  50. I have to go work out with Chris now. I’m gonna start the rest of this in about an hour.
  51. I like muppet movies.
  52. I’m bad at coordinating colors.
  53. Chicken is my favorite meat.
  54. I’m not a big fan of hamburgers.
  55. I skip physics regularly.
  56. I’ve caught one fish in my lifetime.
  57. I don’t like football.
  58. I can quote a lot of Monty Pyhton and the Holy Grail.
  59. I used to play Dungeons & Dragons.
  60. I can easily amuse myself with mundane objects.
  61. I like brainteasers.
  62. When I was little, I didn’t understand the concept that stovetops were still hot after being turned off.
  63. I had a few rings of burn marks for about a month.
  64. I have a dog named Caramel.
  65. If I were a fish, I guess I’d be wet.
  66. I’m thinking of building a low-quality pinball machine from cardboard (and I will if properly funded).
  67. I can play trumpet and piano.
  68. I’m not sure what I like more: Cherry Coke or Dr Pepper.
  69. I know the square root of 12,345,678,987,654,321.
  70. I have yet to get pulled over.
  71. The farthest west I’ve been is Texas.
  72. While the junior prom was being held, I went to Chuck E. Cheese’s.
  73. Arby’s is my favorite fast food.
  74. I like pepperoni on my pizzas.
  75. Me and my sister shared about 12 stuffed animals when we were little.
  76. Big Bear (day I was born), Little Bear (see 62), Middle Bear (Christmas decoration), Ms. Kitty, Softy, Bobby, among others that I dont’ remember.
  77. My foot’s asleep.
  78. I haven’t washed my clothes in a while…
  79. I was in Boy Scouts.
  80. They put me in a cardboard box and kicked me around the room.
  81. I’m classified as underweight.
  82. Someday, I’m gonna go skydiving.
  83. I don’t like delivering speeches.
  84. I think central time is way better than eastern.
  85. I like putt-putt golf.
  86. I’ve composed three hymns; one was award-winning.
  87. I enjoyed reading Hatchet in middle school.
  88. I like water-skiing.
  89. I don’t like sleeping in on weekends, but I do it a lot anyway.
  90. I’m a stickler for spelling “yeah” and “yea.”
  91. I like roller coasters.
  92. If given a topic, I can weave long and elaborate stories that make no sense.
  93. As a child, I really liked fishsticks.
  94. I really hated fifth grade.
  95. I have a hard time getting to sleep.
  96. I have a hard time waking up.
  97. I have no clue why I’m in honors.
  98. The longest word I can think of with one vowel is twelfths.
  99. I’m ready for spring break.
  100. I didn’t think it’d be this hard to come up with 100.

Hope you all enjoyed that. Or tolerated it. Whatever. If you want me to expand on any, leave me a comment.



1. Tammy - March 12, 2005

WOW! You can’t whistle? Crazzzzzy!!

2. Jason Mundie - March 12, 2005

don’t worry, i couldn’t whistle till last year…and i still have trouble with it

3. Wheezy - March 12, 2005


4. K-Town Lee Lee - March 13, 2005

I can’t whistle either! BFF!
LOL…I agree…I miss Central Time!

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