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Only a dozen crazy happenings March 12, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

I know it probably hasn’t been long enough for everyone to read my last post, but last night was way too eventful to let by unposted (though about four other people will be posting about the same stuff). Last night after the devo, we all stayed after a bit to sing. Afterwards, I was hungry. However, I stayed for a while longer as entertainment. I rode on Jesse’s shoulders, wrestled Jason, and danced around in circles. A little later, I went to Presedential to get some food, but they had closed. I came back to the CSC for a few more crazy stuffs, and eventually I convinced everyone we should go get some food. On the way out the door, Loraine’s shoe got thrown in the elevator. Somehow or another, it got under the base. Justin, Jason, and I forgot the other person tried to get it out. Jason tried to unscrew the door while the rest used a rake and other wooden object to chopstick it out. They succeeded, but unfortunately, the elevator didn’t work afterwards. So then we went to IHOP, and I guess that was all that happened. The end.



1. Tammy - March 13, 2005

You broke…the elevator…with a shoe…and a stick? Man! What am I doing still here in Gallatin? UT is where it’s at man!!! *sobs endlessly at her pathetic life*

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