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Might be going soon… March 18, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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So… most of you won’t read this for a while. You know, since you have a mission trip to go on. This’ll be my last post for a while. It’ll probably take until Wednesday to get my computer to load this page. Oh well. Not much’ll be happening this week. Except for the party. Yeah. That’s happening. Just a few hours, too. Lads to Leaders is going be fun too. I’m hoping I can win Music Composition again. I’ve submitted three songs over the past three years. The second one got me two first place trophies. This one’s a little different; its in a minor key. It’s called Upon the Cross. Here’s the lyrics:

1: Upon the Cross of Calvary for us our Savior died
Twas for the sins of you and me our Lord was crucified.
Chorus: So give thanks to God almighty for His great Sacrifice
For by His precious Gift of love we’ll have eternal life.

And I for got the second verse. But I like it. Okay. Gonna go get some lunch now. Gotta take a guy to the airport pretty soon. Later.



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