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Eric’s Spring Break March 28, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently: very angry at the computer for arbitrarily deleting this post
Let me try again: If I had to sum up the break in one word, it would be “WowThatWasAReallyFun9Days.”
Friday: Rented the newest Mario Party game and invited some high school band friends over. Played until 4AM. Continued playing until Wednesday.
Thursday: Tried to work on Monday’s paper. Parent’s computer found to be uncompliant. Paper finished at 12:03 this morning.
Friday: My fourth Lads to Leaders convention. Found that the song I wrote earned me 3 first place trophies in college level Music Composition (Lyrics, 4-part harmony, lyrics + 4-part harmony).
Saturday: Led song I learned a week before (“Lovest Thou Me more than These”). Won 1st out of seven in college divisions red and blue. Was asked to lead a song the next morning at worship.
Sunday: Led 7,000 in “Faith is the Victory.” Had Easter lunch. Came back to Knoxville. Brought Fudge pie.



1. The Beautiful Cocoa Goddess - March 28, 2005

Yum. . . Fudge Pie.

2. Tammy - March 28, 2005

So your song didn’t win first place? I’m shocked! Oh well, there’s always fudge pie!!! 🙂

3. Eric - March 28, 2005

Did you even read it, Tammy? I quote:
“…the song I wrote earned me 3 first place trophies…”

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