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Troublesome lock to be replaced April 1, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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I’m a little nervous all of the sudden. I got an e-mail from my 122 professor. He asked when my third assignment would be ready. The thing is, I’ve already turned it in and gotten it back! I made a 90, and I really don’t want that to be penalized. I’m thinking that when my TA brought the assignments, we were supposed to give them back to her after seeing our grade, so they could have been recorded, which would have made 0 sense. If that were the case, then why wouldn’t they record the grades first? I feel like this more often than you might think. There always seems to be something that I know I’m missing. Like when packing or something. Like there’s a meeting or a rescheduled class going on, but I’ve forgotten about it or something. I remember bringing the wrong Pride of the Southland shirt on our first away game. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience, to say the least.
In other news, my spare key is about to break after about five uses. I can feel it bending, so I’m uneasy about trying to turn it. If the lock wasn’t so hard to turn, this wouldn’t be a problem. I was hoping to ride my bike to the store to get a new lock, but then I realized the key would break. Maybe if I had some CLR, or some Oxyclean. Maybe a cup of hot water would work. Yeah, I think I’ll try that. Wish me luck.
In other other news, today is April fool’s day. And the coolest thing is that every sentence in this post is true, except for two. Five points if you can list all the false sentences. (metaphors don’t count)



1. Tammy - April 1, 2005

If it is rusted don’t put it in water!!! CLR will work or just drive to the store and get a new one. Ok I give up which 2 line are false?

2. Eric - April 1, 2005

I have no intention of continuing to use the old lock. It won’t unlock anymore. I’ve already bought the new one. By the way, anyone have some powerful shears? I could use some about now…–>

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