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Big night of fun/fire April 9, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently humming: “Scotland the Brave” (Not sure why)
Last night/this morning was pretty crazy. First off, we all went to play some mini-golf in some place about an hour away. Four of us (Alicia, David, Justin, and myself) braved the hard course, while everyone else scurried over to the medium course. I placed third out of our group, but boasted the lowest highest stroke count of four. Afterwards, we went to Lipsy’s house. We got lemonade and Oreos and headed over to Wal-mart. We got about 12 cans of spray-paint and drove down to The Rock. We painted Jesse a “happy birthday” sign (while he was there) that had a ladybug-type motorcycle. Surprisingly, it’s still there. So I got in around 2 AM and went to sleep, but my efforts were in vain. For at 4 AM, I was awakened by the sounds of buzzers and alarms, not to mention an obnoxiously bright flashing light. So I got some shoes on, grabbed my keys, and went down the fire escape. I was pretty much completely annoyed they would run a drill this early, until I got down to about the fourth floor. I began noticing the air getting kind of hazy and my breathing getting somewhat difficult. I was in a miasma of smoke. Not sure where it was coming from. It wasn’t black smoke or white smoke, but more of a clear smoke. Maybe a light gray. Anyway, I got out of that fire escape, headed across the hall to one of the other three. We all waited outside for about fifteen minutes-ish and were waved back in. I’m kind of eager to know what was going on, but I’ll have to wait for Monday’s Beacon, I guess.



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