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Best thing ever April 12, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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With all this Google-whacking on David’s blog, I thought I’d take it in a different direction: Google-bombing. That’s when you take advantage of Google’s site ranking algorithms. Google not only checks the content of a site, but also the sites that link to it. So here’s what we do:
Every time you update your blog, somewhere in there, put Best Thing Ever. Make it a link to my website! If all goes according to plan, I’ll be the best thing on the internet before long. What Google says, goes. Oh, and if you don’t know how, just type “best thing ever,” highlight it, and click the link button (that’s for blogger users).
I checked “best thing ever” earlier, and it wasn’t that great. Currently, it’s something about American Idol. Not the best thing ever. We need to fix that. So… okay. Bye.



1. Loraine - April 12, 2005

That’s hilarious. Except now we have a problem. Everyone at the CSC will now be battling for the best ever blog. :p

2. Justin - April 12, 2005

Best Thing Ever. Yes let the battle begin. Just to be kind, I’ll put a link to your Best Thing Ever as well. Really, Loraine is the Best Thing Ever since sliced bread.

3. Tammy - April 12, 2005

Ok that sounds like fun! In fact I think it’s the best thing ever! What’s wrong with American Idol? 🙂

4. Justin - April 13, 2005

Speaking of American Idol, check this out… It’s really funny.

5. Eric - April 13, 2005

Yeah, I saw that last week when I went on flash movie marathon.

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