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The obvious sham April 14, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently humming: “Rescue” by Acapella
I found a list of the actual titles on that CD I got from Zach:
Teaching The Truth In Love
Only Truth
Special DeliveryRescue
Get To The Point
Softly And Tenderly
If There Were No God
My Lord And My God
Good Livin’Everybody Said (But Nobody Did)
I’m At Your Mercy
Let There Be Love
Not My Will But Thine
Walkin’ That Line
Well On My Way
The Medley

Okay, on to business. I went to that noise tolerance experiment today. Here’s what went down. I got there and waited for the experimenter. He brought me up to the room. There were 4 headphones connected to a sound board. On the far wall were four seats numbered one to four. A guy was sitting in seat one already (how’d he get here before the experimenter?), and I was directed to seat 3. I sat down and waited. Two more guys came in and filled the other seats. The experimenter came back in later and said “Ok guys, there’s one too many coming, so we’re gonna have to have someone leave. I put an ‘x’ on the back of one of the cards, so if you’ll just…” The guy in seat one then pointed at me and yelled “I think he should be the one to leave!” with a smirk. I thought he and seat 4 guy might hoave some joke with each other, but no; he was pointing to me. I agreed and left the room with the experimenter. When we had left, the experimenter said, “well, I kinda lied; I need one person to help me control the noise level while I record the reactions.” It seemed incredibly fishy at this point. I sat in a room a little ways off and sat down in front of a computer. Here’s when I remembered one experiment I read about: read about it here. He told me to just follow the on screen instructions. He left, and the program said to enter decibel levels 0 to 110 for each participant. I entered 30, 50, and 40. Then they revealed it to be a sham. They were hypothesizing that whoever said “he should leave” would be given a greater volume. HA! In their faces. I’m no statistic. Seat 1 guy was a bad actor. He was smiling while yelling at me.



1. Wheezy - April 13, 2005

It turns out you were kindest to him…see how radical Christian thinking is, keeps everyone on their toes.

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