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Night of amusement April 16, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently humming: “Only Truth” by Acapella
I’m about to head off to the architecture building followed by the Orange and White game. While I’m here I might as well tell ya’ll about last night. After the meeting, everyone was talking about where to eat while Zach and I were talking about the new arrangement of the couches. They decided on Puleo’s, and I decided to tag along. The conversations covered a wide variety of topics such as:
How can you entertain yourself with a squirrel?
How can sheeps’ bladders be employed to detect earthquakes?
Explain how a little danish can be used for perpetual motion.
Among many more. So for those of you who went (David, AnC, Meredith, Justin, Zach, and Loraine), hope you enjoyed that.



1. Tammy - April 16, 2005

I have a gift for you! I think you’ll like it considering the fact that you are constantly talking about squrirels!

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