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Deathtrap and bombs April 24, 2005

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lunatic (adj.) – c.1290, “affected with periodic insanity, dependent on the changes of the moon,”
Allow me to fill in everyone on the details of last night/early this morning.
After a quick game of poker, everyone left except Zach, David, me, and Jesse. The game being so quick, Jesse was bored. Jesse was bored. I was perfectly content with my current amount of excitement. Now, you should know that Zach planned on getting Jesse a gallon of gasoline for his birthday, so he could light stuff on fire. He never actually did, so the entertainment of the night was decidedly explosives. We got in Jesse’s Jeep and drove off to the fireworks store. Along the way, it was decided that Jesse’s car was highly dangerous, and thus deemed The Deathtrap. We got to the store and bought a whole lot of explosives. We then got back in The Deathtrap and went to the gas station. Jesse pulled out a 2-liter Mountain Dew, emptied the contents and began filling it with gas. Yes. Gas. So he put it in the back of The Deathtrap (Where I was sitting with a bike handle in my head) and we drove off in search of abandoned fields. When we got to a quiet road, Jesse lit a bottlerocket in The Deathtrap and held it out the window. Zach wanted a go at it. Keep in mind, Zach had never tried bottlerockets before. He lit it (in The Deathtrap) and held it out the window. The bottlerocket fired its sparks which are meant to propel it. Zach, thinking it had fired, proceeded to pull the explosive back into The Deathtrap. It then proceeded to explode, leaving us all with ringing ears.
As the night went on, roman candles and artillery shells were fired out of/dropped from The Deathtrap until we found a river. We pulled of the road and found a trail leading to the bank. Jesse opened his two-liter of gasoline and began pouring it on the ground where he proceeded to start a small fire. The night continued with more tossing of explosives. We got back in The Deathtrap and headed back to town. Zach continued improving his rocket-tossing skills, which left him with a literally black hand at the end of the night.



1. The Beautiful Cocoa Goddess - April 24, 2005

That’s just hilarious!!! I think I would have been the one saying “Uh-uh. . . I’m not getting in ‘that’ boat. . . No fish-fish here” this time!

2. crittermer - April 24, 2005

At this point, I think it might be good for Justin to put a disclaimer on the CSC blogosphere. Maybe something along the lines of: “The stories and ideas presented on these blogs are those of the individual bloggers and are not necessarily supported or endorsed by the Christian Student Center, nor does the CSC believe all of the actions described to be indicative of intelligent behavior. The CSC also urges you to use caution when trying any of the ideas you read on these blogs at home.”

3. michael - April 29, 2005

there is a little known law that whenever things are to be blown up or explosions are to be had, someone is required to CALL ME!!!

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