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Eric’s study day April 29, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Fill my Cup” by somebody else
So I’m working on my 402 studying. It’s slowly moving along on schedule. I figure if I memorize the first 15 buildings today and the other 15 tomorrow, I can spend most of Sunday reviewing.
The thunder is shaking the CSC now, which is cool, I guess. Thunder only bothers me when I’m trying to get some sleep. And with all the hard rain outside, I guess I’ll try to wait out the storm. I think I can spend a day here. I have plenty of work to do. But there aren’t many people here. Audrey’s in the next room doing a paper, and AnC left for Walgreen’s a while back. Oh, scratch that. Here she is now. Ok. Later.



1. Wheezy - April 29, 2005

Ok, the song is by Paul Coleman Trio…and I didn’t finish with Iyad, though I did start…and bye

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