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I need… water… and high speed connection… May 8, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Okay, everybody. You may be wondering “hey, what happened to Eric?” Well, patrons, I can assure you that I have not moved to Jupiter, been trapped in a cave, or died. I have been without computer for some time now. It was only today I managed to get my parents’ computer working. Even then, I found that blogger doesn’t work on it. So here I am at my friend’s house. A quick summary of the last few days: I’m building the Eiffel Tower from matchsticks (almost done) and… um… Well, that’s it. I haven’t really done anything else. But on the bright side, everyone at the Dobbs household seems alot happier today than the last few days, where everybody’s iratable and angry. Things are much better now. Still no job, probably going to be at the county, but hopefully with an office job. I am a fast typer, after all. Okay. I gots to go. You know. Not really my computer.



1. michael - May 8, 2005

does this mean that there will be no more “Epic Adventures…” additions this summer??????

2. Melissa - May 12, 2005

Eric!!!! Greetings from Harding, where I am still held captive. I will be home Friday, so I will see you Sunday! HOORAY!!

3. The Beautiful Cocoa Goddess - May 26, 2005

I, too, need a better connection, Eric. I guess in order to do so, I should probably just get a computer for our house. Oh, well. Luv ya!

BTW, you never called me back. . . I’m so hurt.

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