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Not an uneventful month June 3, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

HOORAY!!! I’m on the internet, everybody! Last night we went to BestBuy to get my laptop for next year. I’ve been working all morning to get into the internet, and finally made it! Now I can update my blog!!!! HAHA! Woo! Well, let me fill you guys in on the last month. (Take a seat, this could take a while)
Looking at my last post, I realize how much you’ve missed. First off, I finished my model of the Eiffel tower. Looks very nice. Secondly, the county job fell through. No job there. I went all over town filling out applications: Chick-fil-a, Blockbuster, Arby’s, everywhere. After about a week, since nobody had called back, my dad suggested the Gap. Not like the store, but in a warehouse that he’d worked in a few years back. It’s mostly putting stuff in boxes and driving forklifts, and it’s second shift. But the pay’s great. They called me back for a few questions and a light industrial quiz. The recently called me back again, and I start orientation Monday. But what did I do while I was waiting? Nothing. I was bored. I read books. I finished the Harry Potter series. I nearly started Angels and Demons.
Over this month, I’ve been able to look at everyone’s blogs, but haven’t been able to post. So aggrivating. At least I had something to pass the time with. Well, I’ll talk to you guys later.
And it just occured to me that it’ll be weeks before this post is discovered… Oh well. Bye!



1. Chris - June 3, 2005

Yes, it was weeks before this was discovered…if by week you mean a few hours?

2. Loraine - June 3, 2005

welcome back, eric! i must say, the eiffel tower sounds intriguing. i’m sure you did a great job. congrats on the job, too…

3. Wheezy - June 3, 2005

I am constructing a draft dots ball of biblical proportions–>

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