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Mega party log June 12, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Quick summary of the past few days:

First to arrive was Casey and Javonte (Nick) (Go SpyCrew!). Casey gave my parents his pitch for CutCo knives while me and Nick waited for everyone else. Casey got done and we headed upstairs to play video games. Next to arrive was John Gann and Jon Conaway. We all played some Mario Kart until Casey had to leave. Javonte left soon after to get some snacks. He got back and we played alot of Smash Bros. Eventually, Javonte left. We then got out Desert Storm (which Nick left for us) for some co-op. I was the anti-tank expert. Later, Josh arrived and joined in. A little after sunrise, Josh and Gann left. Conaway and me got out Jedi Outcast (which Nick also left) and lots of fun. I kept maxing out my force push and sending him flying off ledges. I ran down and got some breakfast. I came back up and tried the one-player mode. Conaway fell asleep, and I was out soon after. I woke up sometime in the afternoon. We played some more Smash Bros. My dad had my car, so I was going to have to wait until my mom was home before I could taked him home. We played some more Mario Kart, followed by a final round of Jedi Outcast. My mom got home, so I took him to his place and got some dinner for my mom and me. I think that was the official close of the party. My camera batteries died at the very beginning, so no pictures. Sorry. Okay, I gotta get to work. First day after training today.



1. Anonymous - June 12, 2005

Do an internet search on Vector Marketing/Cutco, these are just a couple of the articles that come up about them:
the company has a reputation for being a scam.

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