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I’m sore June 14, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “The Change”

Ow, my legs. I’d forgotten what it feels like to be really sore. I haven’t done any heavy lifting for a while, so it’ll take some adjusting to. I’ve mainly been doing two things. Putaway is where I take a box off a conveyor belt, put it in an empty shelf slot, scan the box, and scan the slot. This lets the system know where the box is when it needs to get it for the other thing I do. Throw-on is where I look at my little arm-band computer for a location like B42-6-3. I go to that slot, scan the box, and put it on a different conveyor. I do that about 1000 times each day. I like Putaway more. Sometimes the throw-on conveyor stops, and we have to walk about 100 feet for an open slot. Things go well until about halfway through the night when my feet start hurting with each step. On the plus side, the week’ll be over Thursday. And I get to sleep in every day. Also, after this week and the next week, we have church camp! Hoorah! That’s always alot of fun. Though I’m not sure if we’ll do a giant slip-n-slide this year. We made a big 60-footer one year, but Tammy ended up with a concussion…



1. Anonymous - June 15, 2005

BFF! You are now among the few, the proud… the csc’ers who work with boxes. Congrats. It’s a great life. 🙂

Hope your summer’s going well.


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