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The Father’s Day shopping trip June 18, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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I just went through a pretty sitcommy situation. We just went to get my dad’s Father’s Day presents. My mom insisted that we go to Belk because we’d get the employee discount. Why would we get this employee discount, you ask? Because my dad works there. Now people in their right minds would go somewhere else, or at least shop while dear ole’ Dad is off. But would that provide an entertaining situation for our viewers? Of course not.

So there we are, hiding behind displays and manikins. Mom and Ashley are deciding what to get him, while I (due to my poor fashion sense) am put on lookout. That‘s something I can do. So I grab a cowboy hat off the shelf and tilt it over my face. To others, it looks as though I’m staring at the shelf beneath me, but I’m actually looking through the seams to across near the entrance where my dad’s at work. He walks in the opposite direction, so we move in for the spot he was in. Everything’s workin’ out (though by our jumpiness, you’d think we were robbing the place).

But Ashley had to be a risk-taker.

She gets out into the walkway (with the tile (you know?)) for the center displays. That’s when Dad comes back our way. I dive for the floor as if looking at the bottom shelf, Mom just blushes and looks the other way, and Ashley’s frozen like a deer in the headlights.

“Go work somewhere else!” shouted my mom. Dad starts walking toward the other end of the store. He looks ovre his shoulder and hollers back: “I could use some pants…”



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