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Understatement July 2, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “For unto us a Child is Born” by Glad

Camp was fun and tiring. So… a run down of camp:

Sunday: Met at the church and started our two hour trip to Hillmont. Got our stuff to our cabins. I had seventh grade boys to take care off. Had a quick introduction in the auditorium. The theme this year was “Something Big has been Here.” We mostly talked all week about how the world is younger than we think it is, that dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans, and creation in general. Helped Brennan bury some bones for the Dino Dig activity (see pictures).

Monday: Helped in 7th grade Bible class. Went to Dino Dig to help out. Lunched, then rest time. Ladies swim whie men rest and vice versa. Went to swim time. Dunked a bunch of people. Grabbed Jake, Andrew, and Matt (and Rob to film) for Sock Puppet filming. We filmed a preview. It took longer than we thought it would. Went to singing, dinner’d, and devo’d. Went to talent show. Had a quick devo in our cabin, tried to get everyone to sleep.

Tuesday: Same. Dunking Wars begin in the pool. People began polarizing to one side or the other. We filmed part one of show this time. It aired right after the nightly newscast at the end of the talent show. Most of the guys slept on the back porch of the cabin, supervised by Brennan.

Wednesday: Pretty much same. Most people on my side of Dunking Wars switch sides. Little kids jump off the sides of the pool and land on my head. Ow. Little kids are easy to dunk, but they outnumber us. If they unionized, they could get us all. Have you ever seen a high schooler with about 10 elementary kids on him? He doesn’t stay up long. Part two airs.

Thursday: Last full day. Finale airs.

Friday: We come back home.

And the best part? I’ll soon be uploading each part of the show onto the site. Tune in every (day off the week that I put the first one up) for another installment. Yea!



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