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May have to wait July 3, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Bus Driver” by Caedmon’s Call

So… I didn’t see Rob today, so I’ll have to wait a while before getting the DVD. Which means you have to wait too. Oh well. It’ll build suspense. Lemme offer this as a cop out: quotes from Wilson (different Wilson) who just told some jokes at the talent show.

“I’d like to see a forklift carrying a bunch of forks. It’d just be so literal.”

“You know how McDonald’s has those special offers that says ‘at participating locations?’ Well, I’d like to be one that doesn’t participate: ‘Can I get a Big Mac?’ ‘Nope! But we got spaghetti! And blankets!'”

“I got this ant farm the other day… Those guys haven’t grown a thing. They don’t realize that if I tore their legs off, they’d look like snowmen.”



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