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Anony, this one’s for you August 31, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Only Hope” by Caedmon’s Call

I’ve finished everything I need for the day and only have a few bits and pieces to finish for tomorrow. Poor Zach worked all last night, got one and a half hours of sleep, and has been working all day since 9:30. Other than that, studio seems to be going well. Everyone seems to like my bus-like design. In fact, lemme get you a picture. One moment, please…

And now, to address the last post’s comment. More specifically, the anonymous people. I think it’s awesome!!! It’s like I have way more friends than I could imagine! To know that I have people who read my blog that I don’t know. That someplace in Greenland, some guy with a hard to pronounce name like Stan is getting a laugh out of a joke I made. Or somewhere on some island around Australia is being uplifted with a verse of scripture. Or a guy in Detroit thinks the Epic Adventures of Zach Amazing qualifies as a novel. So this one goes out to all you unnamed readers: Thanks for reading.
And THAT is why I keep the anonymous feature turned on.

As long as I’m thinking about, I’ll go ahead and give you guys another chapter to read, and I’m gonna change the page title.



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