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Photo Hunt September 2, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: the murmurs of a group of tired, sweaty CSCers

Woo! After the Friday night devo, Jesse and Katy (vice and prez) issued us a csavenger hunt. We had to take pictures of the most random things. Here’s the rules:

  • Each picture is worth 1 Point
  • Walking and running are the only forms of transportation allowed; NO CARS!!
  • Groups must stay together at all times and take pictures with one camera!
  • Please do nothing illegal; if you violate this rule, tell them you are from somewhere else. Ha ha.
  • Bonus: If you bring back food for your fearless leaders (Jesse and Katy) this will count as 4 points.

And here’s the list:

  1. A picture of at least one group member roasting a marshmallow on the Torchbearer.
  2. Reenacting Andy and Rebeca’s proposal in the exact location that it took place.
  3. A picture of a group member reading the Beacon in front of the fish pond at the Pasque building.
  4. A picture of a teammate rolling down the hill in front of Ayres Hall with the building in the background of the picture.
  5. A picture of a teammate swimming in the pool at the T-Recs.
  6. Bring back a pizza box from Mellow Mushroom.
  7. A picture of a teammate flipping burgers at some restaurant.
  8. A picture of everyone in the group forming a human pyramid on the rugby field.
  9. A picture of your entire team sitting behind the RA desk at any dorm.
  10. A picture of a teammate with a ticket scalper on the strip.
  11. Paint “CSC” on the rock and take a picture of it and some of your teammates.
  12. Take a picture of a teammate playing on the Thackston school playground which is on Lake Ave.
  13. Take a picture of a teammate riding the bull at humanities.
  14. Take a picture with an usher from the Clarence Brownf Theatre.
  15. Take a picture riding the trolley cars down by Thompson-Bowling Arena.
  16. Take a picture with a random architecture student working in the architecture building. (Random does not include Zach Spivey or Eric Dobbs!)

Now, the moment you all are waiting for: Live coverage. I’ll be taking down the major points of the scoring which is about to take place. Let’s see… Just murmuring… I’m booing Zach. David’s over my shoulder… Hi David. He says hi. “What are you doing?” Not much. Just… you know… typing.” People are trying to think of verses relating to arguing over scavenger hunts. “Thus saith Cocoa.”

Zach’s group first! Hmm… boo, Zach. He just drew all the pictures. Thought it was a good playground. He is getting a good laugh, though. Props on the pool.
Total score: 4!

David’s Team: nice bull ride. Argument over the architecutre thing… Total score: 14!

Audrey’s team: Hooray for rugby field! Too bad on the bull pic… Another arcitecture argument… and… Total score: 11!

My team: woo! I take a good picture. Woo! Total score: 17!!! (we rock)

Jason’s team: good bruger flipping… an argument about painting the rock… “behind” the RA desk? Final score: 15!

Meredith’s team: nice marshmallow roasting. Rolling down the hill… Total score: 16!

Argument about Alicia being behind… and decision… WE WIN!!!! Yea! But props to Zach for using our idea. *Phew* That was a tiring experience. Cocoa, Meredith, Alicia, Justin, Andrea say “Hi, Blogoshere!” And David says “wear sunscreen.”

Well, kids and peoples, thanks for tuning in. It’s not like you didn’t attend the affore mentioned events, but it makes for good memories. Now I expect all you to make a good post about all that happened in no less than 500 words. MLA documentation, size 12 font, Times New Roman. And I will check character spacing.



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[…] Last night was much better. We had the second annual CSC scavenger hunt devo. Last year’s was fun, but I think this year was better. No list of the items with me, sorry, but I’m sure Justin will post the pictures onto the CSC photo gallery soon. […]

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