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Camp retreat September 12, 2005

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Well, I must say. Camp was awesome. No pictures, though.
The camp site was… rustic. We shared a cabin with a few arachnids, though we were rarely in the cabin. We mostly just hung around and played cards or tetherball.

I was thinking about implementing a CSC not-scavenger style hunt. My sister and I used to do something like this on weekends or summer where we’d put notes up all over the house. Then you’d be given the first note that would say, like, “look in the piano bench” and you’d open it up and there was another note that would be like, a picture of a microwave, etc.
I’ve always wanted to bring that to a level of awesomeness that I could attach my name to. Like, you’d get a clue like “Zach in a tutu,” so you’d go to the picture on the wall with Zach from last halloween, and you’d have to open the picture frame to get it. And a clue that’s just an arrow drawn with dry erase markers, so you go to the dry erase board and look in the tiles above it. Yeah… That’d be cool.

Wath out for Ddot!



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