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Where in the CSC is Carmen Sadiago? I mean a piece of paper. September 15, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

I decided I’d start that scavenger hunt after all. There is a piece of paper, somewhere in the CSC. On said paper is a number. E-mail that number to me (edobbs@utk.edu) and I’ll give you the next clue. Here is your hint (and I’m gonna start with the easier ones): “Between plasma and Dolby”

Now if you don’t get this, I feel kinda bad.

PS: don’t leave the answer as a comment. That’d just be… well… not bright.

I’m not sure if anyone is going to actually play along, so I’ll throw in the promise of a prize to the winner. The winner being the one to find the last clue. Obviously enough.



1. Anonymous - September 16, 2005

No fair! I can’t play because I don’t live there! By the by, the carmen Sandiago thing really brings back good pbs memories! Oh and homestarrunner has a new cheats video! Very funny stuff if you haven’t seen it yet the go and do that.

2. Eric - September 16, 2005

Yeah, maybe I’ll eventually do a “where on the internet” dealie.

And yeah, I saw it!
“Hey kid, wanna smoke some candy!”


3. Loraine - September 16, 2005

Awww… I forgot to look this morning.

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