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You might be an architecture student if… October 2, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General, Personal Favorites.

…you spend more on bass wood and chipboard than on food.

…you consider leaving at midnight “clocking out early.”

…you call the architecture building your home, but have vague memories of a place where you shower.

…you feel guilty about the time you waste when glue is drying.

…you’re cautious about throwing trash away, knowing it might be someone’s project.

…you have more pictures of buildings than of people.

…you’re unsure on whether the rest of campus really exists.

…your grocery list is written on a scrap piece of foam core.

…your car was cheaper than the supplies you’ve bought this year.

…you’ve ever waited for the supply store to open so you can finish before 9AM.

…you can remember which X-Acto knife scar corresponds to which model.

…your friends keep telling you about something called “sleep.”

…you use sunrise to gauge how much time you have left to finish your work.

…when you fall asleep in class, you dream about working.

…you’ve ever used bass wood sticks as chopsticks.

…you can recite the golden ratio to ten digits.

…you take cardboard from the dumpsters.

…you plan on building your Halloween costume.

…you plan on making several study models before actually constructing your costume.

…you keep a scale with you “just in case you need it.”

…a drawing doesn’t have blank space; it has negative space.

…you keep a pillow and alarm clock in your studio cabinet.



1. happychyck - October 9, 2005

I know nothing about architecture, but this is halirious! Keep up the hard work! It’s the American way of life–work ’til you drop!

2. Anonymous - October 20, 2005

hi there, am a thrid year student, just started blogging and was hopping that we could exchange link since we have the same topic – architecture. thanks, looking forward for your reply. sorry for posting in the comment section, couldn’t find your email add, do delete this post after reading. email me at for response. thank man, architecture rocks!



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