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Um… remember the forum? October 10, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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Okay, blog-wide update for all you Zach Amazing fans:

And you can expect another update to the stories in T-minus two days.

You know what we should do? We should have one super-blog! I mean, the CSC forum gets little if any attention. Yes, we do have a forum. Five posts. One by Administration, one from Justin, one from Jason, and two from Jon (one of which is recent). But other than that, nobody uses it. But what would we use it for? If we want to know what’s going on at the CSC, we check the calendar or our e-mail.
So maybe this post is more about the forum than a super-blog (though that would be cool). So I’m going to issue everyone a challenge. Let’s all join the forum and use it. I mean, it’s just sitting on a digital shelf collecting digital dust. Allow me to quote Jon’s recent post: “Just post some random thoughts!” So… I’m gonna… I’m gonna go post some random thoughts. And I strongly suggest, nay, beseech you to do the same.

Link to the Forum



1. Eric - October 10, 2005

Hooray! The forum is rekindled! Even if it is just me and Jon replying to each other…

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