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Meh. October 12, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

So here we are, with another day full of free time. I’ve got nothing to do, yet I feel so busy. I’ve been working on my costume, so I guess that’s something. Those of you (that go to the CSC, I keep forgetting that I have more readers now) that haven’t signed up for the forum yet, get over there! It’s alive! It’s in use! Woo!

So… wow. I have more readers than just the CSC. My mom’s been giving out my address to everybody and their brother. I know that grandparents from both sides of the family read, and I think some of my friends from Church have gotten a hold of it. Not that I mind. That’ll just mean I’ll make more money when I start using pop-ups (just kidding! Just kidding!). And then there’s people that just stumble across my site, when searcing for… like… Rice Fodder, and they make a dramatic spelling error.

Now I remember why I started with Tripod. I would have all my story blogs/my sketchbook all under one domain. And I could have a “first time here” page, and all sorts of crazy stuff. I don’t know. Maybe it’s for the best. My site would be too busy with all that.

Oh, and as promised, both stories have been updated. Links in the last post and to the right.



1. Jon - October 14, 2005

hey….can you update the link to my blog. http://www.jon-sharp.net

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