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Party summary and writing styles October 15, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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Woo! What a weekend. So I’ve made alot of progress on my costume, and it’s almost done. Anyway, around six on Friday, Alex showed up. I showed him my costume, which he was in awe of for a good fifteen minutes. Pretty soon, Jon and josh showed up, and we started up the Gamecube. They brought over some Mario-themed baseball game (which was actually awesome). Grant showed up later. My mom made us some dinner, which was really good. Not long after, we went outside and got ready for some serious capture the flag. You see, at my parties, we play video games, we drink soda, we go outside to play stealth-based games, we play more video games while everyone falls asleep, I eventually fall asleep, we wake up, and we go to the old band field and play football. That’s just how it’s always been. Anyway, we got Will and Derek from my neighborhood to play, and Emrey showed up, too. We had ourselves a nice four on four game going. Eventually, we swapped over to Manhunt, which just kinda died. Everyone seemed to just give up. Oh well. Then Casey showed up.

We headed back in and played more video games, while everybody slowly fell asleep, one by one. I’m sure you all know, beginning at three in the morning, everythings is funny. Lemme see if I can remember some of the quotes…

“Just keep pressing ‘A’ until you win.”

“Casey’s not just awesome, he’s 1337.” (pronounced “leet”)”
“Like quantum leap?”
“No, he said 1337.”
“Quantum 1337? That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard!”

“You know what time it is?”
“No. What time is it?
“3:45. You know why?”
“‘Cause it’s not quite 4 AM!”

That last one stems from several parties ago. I’m not sure how. But it did. Anyway… back on task. Hmmm… let me check something. Wow. I never noticed this, but I have two completely distinct writing styles. Looking back at the post above, I have what I’ll call “recall writing” and then this which I’ll dub “the other style.” Looking at the two, there’s some huge differences! In the recall-whatever-I-said, I keep using phrases like “which,” “eventually,” and “not long after.” Then in the this-style, I just talk, more or less. And make up words. And start sentences with conjuctions.

And then I look at my stories. They’re written in “recall writing!” Well, I find that weird, at least. Last night I was talking to Emrey while we were slacking off from guarding the flag. He says I need to say this before someone says this. Like, so that if anyone quotes it, they’re quoting me. Not someone else. *ahem* “I write because I want to know what happens.” Which is basically how I approach it. I put my characters in situations and see how they react. I know how I want things to end, so sometimes I give ’em a push in the right direction. Nothing big. A minor character, a change in the weather, etc.

Speaking of which, I’ll go ahead and post the next Zach Amazing post.



1. The Beautiful Cocoa Goddess - October 18, 2005

Surprisingly enough, I don’t think that’s been said yet. Way to go, Eric.

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