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Dinner, dessert, and photoshop October 25, 2005

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Yeah, so that was a pretty awkward dinner. Let’s review: I met Rose up in our studio around 6:15. We walked down to the UC where the dinner was being held. It was a creepy walk. We were about to Stokely-Management when I realized we were walking at the exact same pace. I had to consciously slow my walk so it wouldn’t look like we were marching. Going down the stairs was no different. Then we got down to the ballroom. We were a good ten minutes early, so we had some small-talk going. He had some good architecture stories, I guess. Finally, we headed in. It was a buffet-style meal, so after we got through the line, we sat down. Now, the only other honors-architecture-sophomores are Michael and Jessica. They had each invited one of the Ambroziaks. So there we were. Three architecture professors and three architecture students. The conversation actually wasn’t too bad. Though there wasn’t much made on my part. The food was okay, but it felt a little fancy. You know. Three fork kinda thing. I did, however, learn that an increasing number of professors are getting on Facebook. And snooping.

I found the next two items from G4’s Attack of the Show.

Number one is for all ya’ll who complain about restaurants portions being too small: a thirty thousand calorie sandwich. You read right; 30,000 calories. Considering that the recommended daily intake is 2k, this thing is a heart attack. A heart attack with onion rings. Check out the ingredients and pictures here.

Secondly, in accordance with my goal of mastering every skill, I’ve taken up photoshop. I managed to find a free look-a-like for download. It operates the same, but costs about $220 less. If you’re interested, go ahead and check it out: GIMPshop. I’m a ways off from being any good, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

But for some real photoshop masters, check out Worth1000. Those guys are awesome. I suggest you check it out, if you’ve got some time.



1. The Beautiful Cocoa Goddess - October 26, 2005

Like, Whoa!!! That is severely animated right there.

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